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Humane. Consistant. Interactive.

Motivating dogs to learn and perform, while building confidence in the dog and the handler, through success with humane, consistent and interactive training.
evolve dog training

Certified Dog Trainer: Animal Behavior College

Trained Professional in Pet First Aid and CPR: American Red Cross

Darren Boucher

Certified Dog Trainer

I’ve been surrounded by dogs my entire life. My parents bred Australian Shepherds when I was a child, and we always had four-legged companions to welcome us when we got home after a long day. I light up when I am greeted with a wet nose and a friendly nuzzle. Simply put, I love dogs.

I am passionate about working with animals and have been in the industry for over 15 years. Before becoming a trainer, I launched two successful businesses: a pet sitting service in Des Moines, Iowa (yes, it was cold there); and a pet boarding and day care facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’ve since returned to my roots in the amazing little town of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts where my wife, Kristen and I grew up, and we are now raising our daughter, Mila, and four-legged first “children”: Cosmo, Louie, Roxy, and Sami

My Approach

Like humans, dogs enter the world with a clean slate, ready to be molded into upstanding citizens with great manners. Granted, different breeds have signature personality traits, like my Cosmo – a textbook paion, but for the most part, dog behaviors are learned. Learned by interactions with people.

My training techniques focus on establishing firm boundaries and mutual respect between owners and their dogs. Using a phased approach, making progress measurable and manageable, sessions with clients begin with identifying priorities, establishing goals for improvement, and creating a road map to success. Weekly “homework” is assigned based on the current week’s progress, and the following week’s goals and priorities. This allows owners to immediately practice what they have just learned, furthering the success rates. This proven method has the ability to evolve your dog into a happy, safe, and well-behaved member of the family.

My Philosophy

My training philosophy centers on positive reinforcement; identifying the actions we don’t want and emphasizing the actions we do want. All dogs, young, old, big, and small, can learn to be respectable family members, and contrary to popular belief, you can teach and old dog new tricks!

It comes down to us, the owner, to teach them (in their own language), the right way to do things. Dogs are very much like children in how they learn. If parents didn’t offer guidance and course correction with children’s behavior, they would grow with terrible manners and never realize the error in their ways. A dog isn’t any different. Once we begin to shift our mind to think in those terms, training becomes easy and fun!

My proven techniques improve your ability to communicate with your dog immensely, strengthening your bond forever. Take action to evolve your relationship with your dog today.